Attention to the breath

My breath exists only in the present, never in the past or in the future.

Living Your Yoga: Sit quietly with your back tall and chest open. Close your eyes and breathe ten long. slow breaths. Note afterward how your mind has settled a bit. Then say to yourself, When I pay attention to my breath, I am always in the present.

Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T.  A Year of Living Your Yoga


  1. I did it!! 10 long, slow breaths…………mmmmmmmmmmm. Just relaxing isn’t it? Thanks for sharing Lisa. Have a wonderful day. hugs. Renee :)

    • You are great, Renee! I’m teaching tonight and will offer it at the beginning of class. And then tonight, when everyone is in bed, I’ll sit on my lovely little meditation cushion and practice on my own. Often I post things that I need to work on myself :)…so something about curbing the sweets might be next!

      Thanks for reporting on your practice!


        • Thank you, kind and positive one!

          So, everyone is asleep. I’ve got a load of laundry in the wash (all the yoga clothes that hide my muffin top, developed in the last two weeks of food & drink debauchery) and this is the perfect time to practice breathing. Not eating a bowl of cereal like I just did. Drats.

          Try, try again.

          • awe Silence is golden!! Breathe Lisa. Breathe.. tee hee I am just being silly now. Good for you being at Yoga!! I am tired and will be hitting the pillow here soon. I will be up at 5 and at the GYM door when they open at 6. I love my early morning work outs. Have a good night. :) Renee

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