Going with the Vegas flow


Tuesday, May 22

I contemplated a trip on the monorail to downtown Las Vegas for some real yoga today, but decided to embrace the teacher within and practice in our hotel room this morning.


Morning yoga in the hotel suite is just fine.

It was perfect. Happy, even. And helped ease my aching lower back from last night’s two-mile walk back from the Fashion Show Mall, i.e. visit to my Mecca, Lululemon Athletica.


Excellent new double entendre Lulu bag

I used my 15% teacher discount and stocked up on necessities. Like the Heatwave swim racer bikini and monokini, useful today in this dripping-while-still 103 degrees. (The bathing suits were the only non-yoga buy, and I actually did my morning yoga in the bikini with the absolutely lovely Manifesto long sleeve sheer top over it. Picked up the always wonderful and long-wearing Wunder Under crop and Power Vinyasa Crop.) But this isn’t about my admiration and appreciation for Lululemon’s clothing and gear.


Sucking it all in, lying down, best angle possible for you

It’s reversible, too!

On my walk back to the hotel last night, I had a ball. All by myself. Again, the smorgasbord of sights: crazy, beautiful, drunken abandon, dancing, someone being hauled away in handcuffs, live bands, flamingo girls, sex-sex-sex, people carrying their large drinks (alcoholic) out on the streets, blinking/flashing/pulsating lights, opulence, feats of architecture and capitalism, peaks at the poverty behind the curtain (that’s the really sad part)…
Carnival of crazy, sexy, not-so-sexy, and everything in between.

Traveled light, and took all pictures with the iPhone — often using Instagram, as well.



View from the walkway to the Palazzo from the Wynn
(looking at Treasure Island on left, Fashion Show Mall on right)
Natural beauty in the background…


The grande splendor of the Venetian


The Venetian nails it.


What were we thinking?


There are humans in these forms (in front of Bally’s).



  1. Lisa. If I looked like you do in that heatwave bikini, I’d wear it everywhere. You look simply AMZING!

    • 1. Thank you!
      2. I’m queen of figuring out flattering angles, especially where the loose skin from childbearing (err too many cookie butter sandwiches, nutella crepes, and glasses of wine) is concerned.
      3. I’m lying down, gravity in my favor, and sucking it in. Big time. But, hey, navel to spine is always good.

  2. Your pictures tell of the magical chaos that is Vegas–enjoy!

    • That means a great deal coming from one of the best photographer/storytellers out there. Magical chaos is the perfect description.

      Thanks, Bella!

  3. you look amazing…sucking in or not….
    enjoying your journaling sweetie….


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