I’ve always had a running soundtrack in my mind; I think many of us have a playlist to the drama that is our life.

Our creative inspirations can come from music that motivates us, makes us think. My soundtrack helps me fully express myself in yoga class, dance with wild abandon with my husband (or with our kiddos on a dance night in the family room), write, or release emotion through tears of joy or sadness.

While silence is just as vital — artfully demonstrated by my yoga teacher Vicki Brignati yesterday when the building lost power and she guided us purely on our breath through the remaining 45 minutes of our practice without music, dim lights, ceiling fans, or heat! — that is a topic for another day.

Today’s post is a reminder of the churning, reaching, dreaming, and evocative power of music. Here are some tunes that are getting a lot of play in my world these days.






My playlists for yoga classes are now available on iTunes Ping, under Lisa O’Brien in upstate New York.  Please share the tunes that you are living by these days, too.