Here’s what I can do

Chew gum



Stand on my head for the longest amount of time

Stand on my toes

Get dizzy and fall down

Make a terrible face

And here’s the thing of it

Most of the time I’m on the telephone

 Eloise (© 1955 by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight,  Simon and Schuster, Inc. New York) is one of my favorite childhood books. These snapshots are from my very old, yellowed copy.

I remember pouring over the pages and detailed illustrations, loving Eloise’s life. In retrospect, it wasn’t because she lived at the Plaza hotel with room service, a driver, tremendous independence, a really cool nanny, and a dog named Weenie and Turtle named Skipperdee.  [The completely absent father and no-show mother was actually quite sad.]

The real magnificence of Eloise for me was her lightness in being, her precociousness, and how she just flowed from adventure to adventure — often in her mind.

So while as a wife and mother of six young children it’s not realistic to go completely Eloise in 2012, I’m going to trend more in her direction as much as possible.

I am Lisa

I am 43

Here’s what I can do

Play the french horn


Soothe babies


Make awesome playlists

Appreciate good humor

Do full wheel in yoga (yahoo!)

Get dizzy (no balance function in my left ear – how’s that for random?)

And here’s the thing of it

I’m really pretty happy most of the time these days. And OK with the sad times, too.

Happy, healthy, more-lightness-in-being to you, my friends.