Stomp! Shout! Scream!

A padded, sound proof room is what I need. More convenient than a canyon 100 miles from civilization. Here’s my rationale, and perhaps you have a reason for a little scream therapy, too.

I apologize too much. Whatever it stems from—insecurities, a desire to please, fear of non-acceptance or rejection*—it is annoying to others (sorry!), self-defeating, and I want to stop.

Not when appropriate, of course, but the mind-numbing, distracting, burping in your ear (my husband actually used that gross analogy) overzealous apologizing. So when describing this bad habit with one of my yoga teachers, she told me about an interesting therapy she witnessed: a person shouting “I’m not f***king sorry!” during martial arts exercises.

Bingo. A variation of scream therapy might just work. But I’d want to feel really free to shout, necessitating a sound proof room. And that reminded me of the many years of three-year old temper tantrums we’ve endured at chez O’Brien, and how much sense it seemed to me then to have not only a sound proof room, but a padded room — for all the throwing of oneself on the floor that happens when you can’t watch any more tv or you just whacked your sister/brother/[insert victim here]. Sorry for the side note. Er, no…I’m NOT SORRY! It’s a great idea.

We need padded, sound proof rooms for so many reasons and people. Frustrated toddlers, frustrated grown-ups, anyone who wants to get over their fear of karaoke in a packed bar, cry hard, dance crazy, meditate in total silence, or just let go of something or someone by shouting, screaming, or shaking it out…


What would you shout out of your system?

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* Thank you, Gail, for your constructive insights. 🙂