Ooooo I just love when my office is clean. And it always gets organized, vacuumed, dusted, plants watered, candle lit, essential oils in the diffuser—a room cleanse—when I have other things I should be doing.

Office cleansing is item #1 on my procrastination list. Procrastination is, of course, an avoidance behavior. I choose to clean because it feels more achievable than whatever task is at hand; (relative) instant success feels good. In defense of this mode of procrastination, however: My mind gets more calm, and everything flows better when the mega clutter is replaced with clear spaces and the aroma of eucalyptus, lavender, bergamot, clary sage, and rosemary. More on the topic of essential oils soon, but check out Florocopeia for their many health-promoting benefits. (Thanks, Amber, of Thriving for introducing me!)

Gratitude abounds for my happy space with a big, beautiful window and room to write, practice yoga, meditate, listen to music, read, snack (I’m allowed), and just be. This room started off as my office, but became a nursery for many a child.

I’ve got my space back, and with it…a little bit of my mojo.


Admission: The still unsent holiday cards on on the bench to the right of the bookcase.


Organized clutter, if there is such a thing

With so much order restored in my office, I rediscovered a nice little book that is right on point: Live More Want Less (52 Ways to Find Order in Your Life) by Mary Carlomagno.