Chocolate Covered Katie is one of my favorite healthy food (dessert) bloggers. Her work brings an inner smile. Chocolate, healthy, sweet, pancakes, pudding, vegan, and many raw and gluten-free…how often do we see those words together?

I got a little creative with her Samoas Babies (as in the yum Girl Scout cookie that I’ve been able to, in my pre-mind control days, down an entire box of) and added raw oats, tablespoon of raw cacao and nutritional yeast (need the B12). They taste fudgey and decadent. The kids devoured them.

Seven ingredients, food processor, 10 min prep time:


Beautiful Fudge Samoas Babies

Blair prefers pink. So I whipped up Gogi Berry Babies! Same base of dates, oats, raw unsweetened coconut, nutritional yeast, then added dried gogi berries, vanilla, raw almonds and walnuts, and a few drops of stevia concentrate. (Without the chocolate chips, I worried there wouldn’t be quite enough sweet to convince my customers that these were dessert.) The stevia worked, and you could probably skip it with the sweetness of the dates.


Gogi Berry Baby, looking mildly like a meatball (but tasting nothing like one!)

I highly recommend visiting Katie’s blog for her tantalizing and truly good-for-you recipes. She does it right.