…which is why this post isn’t entitled: Water with Cucumber and Lemons is Awesome.

I learned, or re-learned, the importance of an interesting headline or subject line with my last post. Mentioning a Willow tree? Not fun. Not enticing. Cookie butter? Twisted humor? Fit strip and blueberry pancakes? Now we’re talking.

Now that I have your attention, the reason for this brief post:

Water is great. Vital. But it can get a little dull sometimes. Every so often I remember the old “make your own kitchen feel like a spa (sort of)” trick of adding the juice of a fresh lemon, sliced lemon, and sliced cucumber to a carafe of water. Perfection. Add some fresh mint and/or grated ginger…oh, yes.


When I sent this picture to my friend Donna, she asked if it was a carafe of cucumber martini. First, I love how her brain works. Second, she is on to something. A cucumber martini carafe is a natural evolution of the water variation for the weekend — or any weeknight you’re in Vegas or otherwise able to let go.

Fresh lemon juice, organic cucumber vodka, fresh mint, and some cucumber slices with a lemon twist. Healthy-ish, crisp, clean, and lovely.


I haven’t made the dream cocktail yet (hence the missing lemon and mint in the photo) but when I do…you know I’ll be posting. Giddily.

Addendum for Erin: