One of my favorite things to do! Dropped the boys off at a birthday party, went to the market, and now we’re lounging at Starbucks. Two cuties fit in one big chair. While they dine, I blog.

We’re at my favorite Starbucks, Newton Plaza, where the chairs are cozy, and it somehow doesn’t feel like a giant chain. Perhaps it is because of the cool people who work here. Perhaps because it is in the triangle of my life: estudio hot yoga is across the street, the kiddos’ schools are down the road, Uncle Sam’s health food store and Fresh Market less than a mile in the other direction.

And my friends the baristas don’t bat an eye at my When Harry Met Sally variation of the grande soy chai latte (three pumps of chai, about an inch and a half of soy milk that I wish was almond milk, extra hot water); in fact, they just call it my usual. They are smart. And kind. Comfort in routine and friendly faces…nothing wrong with that.

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday wherever you are.