Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. — Chinese Proverb

Studying and practicing yoga has been a transformative experience for me, opening up pathways to strength in mind, body, and spirit. Integrating power and stillness with breath as a practice has enabled me to connect with my passions and live more, love more, give more, and find contentment.

Side note of truth: I still lose patience with my kids sometimes, argue occasionally with my adorable husband, have a few bad habits, and could do so much more for others. But I’m way, way healthier, centered, and present. Really.

So I’ve come to know and appreciate one of my yoga teachers, Emily Clausi, over this past year for many reasons, among them how she encouraged me to believe in myself, take a risk (to begin teaching), and to teach from my heart, my authentic self. She was a pioneer in our community, taking a big risk and opening her estudio hot yoga in 2007 before yoga studios were as ubiquitous as they are now (which is a good thing, of course).

Whether it was practice teaching with friends while I was training, or the karma class (donation only) every week, she has never said no to sharing the joy and goodness of yoga through her studio. So when the notion of a Sunday evening class came up, Emily responded with her characteristic light. Thank you, Em, for everything.

It starts tonight, and here is my invitation:

As one week comes to a close and a new one begins, allow yourself 75 minutes to focus on you. Not your thighs, your belly, awesome outfit (or lack thereof), work, worries, past, or what’s ahead. Just amazing you and your practice. One of the great things about yoga is that it helps us get straight, physically and mentally. And when we’re straight, everyone benefits…our family, our community, and our world.

So even if that’s all just a little too heady for you and it’s just a safe, strengthening, efficient, and well-rounded physical work-out you’re looking for…that awaits you in yoga practice, as well.

Wherever you are coming from, I’d love you to join me for a challenging, invigorating, and relaxing practice to explore the development of your strength, flexibility, and balance on Sunday evening — 5:45-7pm — at my second home, estudio in Latham, Newton Plaza.


Anjaneyasana, Pose of Devotion. Photo by Meg Allen