We’re so blessed to have a trail in our backyard. We’re lucky to have a yard, of course.

The kiddos and I recently ventured out to look for signs of spring amid the still mostly brown earth. We bundled up and I took a few pictures. (I know…surprise, surprise.) Are you tired of those yet?

A bit of a non sequitur: I’ve been thinking about what an amazing invention the camera phone is. As is the mobile phone itself (iPhone, if you’re Apple-addicted like me). And blogging. Then, putting it all together: the fact that you can take a few pictures on the phone to capture a beautiful walk with your kids, later on fix pictures up with app (camera+), upload via WordPress app on said phone, and write a short post to share the simple joy of a walk on an April day.

Technology can be awful and distancing, but it can also be a force for a lot of good — expressing yourself, sharing ideas and information, connecting people, and most of all, making this big, wild world feel a little less so.

Happy Spring, wherever you are!

How are you doing this season?


Blair ponders the walk


Happy after the bluebird sighting


Should we or shouldn’t we go for the muck & leaf pile?


Owen likes being in the lead


Not to be outrun by a five year old…

Weee! Post-walk swing


My post-walk treat: Snow Flake tea with steamed almond milk


Mmmm. Snow Flake tea from The Whistling Kettle: a festive black tea blend with almonds, coconut, and cinnamon


Frothed the milk and added some ground cinnamon–delish!