Next week my sister Brittany gets married in warm, sunny South Florida. We are all so excited…especially the kiddos as every one of the nieces and nephews are in the wedding. So on a trivial note, they have their outfits figured out. With five days until our departure, I found myself getting a little nervous about not having my dress for the big event.

Two little birds named Katina and Donna have been telling me about the stash of Free People at our Colonie Center Macy’s for weeks. Now I had a perfect excuse to sneak over for a visit. Within fifteen minutes, I had five items—two dresses (one worked for Brit’s wedding, my raison d’etre), one pair of slacks, and two tops—packaged up for try-ons at home. I’m keeping one dress, the pants, and one top. Promise, Daniel.

For my fellow Free People fans, a little fashion show follows.

The perfect dress, and one I never would have tried.
Beautiful color (dahlia), style, and fluidity.
Thank you, lovely saleswoman whose name I wish I knew.


Ummm. No. This dress was not made for me.
Someone 20 years younger? Maybe. But why so short?
Or am I just too tall and/or old?


Fell in love, err like (it’s clothing), with this ethereal top in “midnight”
Like a good navy, it’s hard to tell if it’s a dark blue or black.
7 for All Mankind pants

Oh my Britney Spears getting out of a car: I just realized that the above top is supposed to be a dress! They have to be kidding. I’m still keeping it; it’s a great tunic.


Yes, yes, yes! Comfortable and chic.
Paired the black wide leg pants with an old top of mine from Decapolis;
the pants are more of a charcoal color

Close-up on the fabulous pants

cute top, but rides a little high in midriff.
A friend pointed out that a long camisole or tank would address any midsection shyness.

And while I was trying on my clothes, Brooke, Blair, and a visiting friend were deep in preparations for a pageant. I think they have sneaked viewings of Toddlers and Tiaras, as evidenced by the horrible pink lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and mostly, the over-the-top fake smiles, head-tossing, and posing that went on. Time for some beauty comes from within talks.

Brooke poses with ease.
Thank you, Nana and Granddaddy, for the Barbie make-up kit!

Blair is sunshine and light!

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