Blogging. Blog. It’s not a great word. But it’s a really good thing, and I wish it had a better name. It sounds so, well, blah. I’m bursting at the seams with ideas for posts, but I want to know what YOU would most like to hear about. So, I’m floating a few ideas here—topic suggestions welcome, too—and you can let me know what tickles your fancy by voting here (a few more details follow): [polldaddy poll=6137135]

  • Yumbelly: Tasty and healthy meal ideas for yourself or your family. From breakfast through dinner, and snacks in between, there is no reason healthy shouldn’t taste good and have some plate/bowl appeal. Vegan and non-vegan options will be included, but you know my bent. Dessert, too, and dessert that you can feel pretty good about. This reminds me that I promised months ago to offer up a simple summary of Kris Carr‘s Crazy Sexy Diet. Summaries can be so hard. But this topic would force me to A good thing.

sunbutter and jelly on whole wheat wrap

  • Essential oils: a simple primer on my savasana cool cloths (inspired by other greats). At the end of my yoga classes, I offer cool towels infused with essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, clary sage, rosemary, and bergamot. Occasionally I’ll add in a pitta balancing mix, holy basil, and replace the bergamot with mandarin. Each oil is chosen for calming, balancing effects, or because they soothe tired muscles, clear the mind, or lift the mood. There is so much I still want to learn about essential oils, but until then…I’d love to share the goodness that I know.

preparing for class: first, the soak

  • Fantastic Toys. Like The Spooner, which isn’t what you think it might be, judging by the name. And toys that aren’t complicated, expensive, or powered. My dear grandfather who worked for Milton Bradley helped me to look at toys with an eye for longevity and real fun.

    Look Ma-No Hands!
    Blair surfs in the basement

William demonstrates the boogie board approach

  • Motivating Music. Playlists for yoga, running, working out as well as writing, meditating, chilling, or a party. It’s relative and personal, of course, but hopefully my eclectic taste will offer something for most of you in the many playlists I’d love to share as well as other resources for finding and compiling your own playlists.

  • Yoga/Workout Clothes.Eye roll. But do you know what my number one search referral is to lifeyum? “yin to you crop” Yup. The LululemonYin to You Crop. But, hey, I get it. The right clothes get you out there, shaking your booty, running, cycling, practicing your asanas, sweating, and keeping your already perfect body healthy, feeding your brain with uplifting endorphins.

    wearing Shakti Activewear on the Spooner

And two more that need little description:


hospital corners and the importance (or not) of well-made beds


cocktails that are sort of healthy