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Flashdance: What A Feeling

What a feeling. Being is believing.

Eric Wang of Health DemystifiedDemystifying the Secrets to Long-Term Health, Fitness, and Success, included my little blog in his list of rising stars in the health and fitness blogosphere. It is indeed an honor. RISING STARS IN THE HEALTH AND FITNESS BLOGOSPHERE: 9 health and fitness bloggers who will entertain, inform, and inspire the world in 2012

Eric is a Pharm.D. Candidate (2012), and his blog began with the premise that taking responsibility for our lives is the key to success. He presents the patterns that have been repeatedly shown to result in greater health, greater well-being, greater success in weight loss, in relationships, business, and life in general. He’s knowledgeable, and he seeks out expertise from people like Bill Gottlieb (best-selling author, former Editor-in-Chief of Rodale Books, and Senior Editor at Prevention Magazine), Sheila Viers (featured in FITNESS magazine, LIVESTRONG, etc), and Jamie Dougherty (nutritional consultant at Clif Bar headquarters).

What seems to me to make Eric especially good at what he does in this e-world is his attentiveness to his readers and support of fellow bloggers. Thank you, Eric!

I hope you’ll read the post and check out the other eight really interesting bloggers Eric highlights, but include below the lovely excerpt about yours truly written by Eric:

Lisa O’Brien,

Why it’s awesome:

-I interviewed emotional eating expert Shiela Viers ( the other day, yesterday actually. And, we talked about how the key to beginning a successful weight loss journey is AWARENESS. The problem is, with our data- and information-flooded society, we are drowning in information and stress, and most of us never take a moment to step back and become aware of our surroundings and our body. This is where Lisa O’Brien’s excellent blog comes in. Whenever I feel stressed, I go to for refuge. It sounds corny, but it is my “happy place,” my shelter.

-Lifeyum is a place where peace, joy, and mindfulness intersect. The tagline/motto of is “Be Present.” If there is one MAJOR problem with society today, it is people not being truly present. Sure, we’re here in our meetings, and classes, and in our homes. But, our minds are out in the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in our hair (yes, this is a mini-tribute to Train).

-When you’re ready to come back to reality, this blog will help to ground you. Plus, there’s some pretty solid stuff about yoga, if you’re into that. Check out Lisa’s blog Lifeyum at:

I feel happy and very thankful for the kindness of fellow bloggers as well as the opportunity to write. It’s healing, powerful stuff. 🙂