Driving north to sub for my beloved teacher Vicki Brignati at estudio this morning, I had a really good cry. It was a steady stream of joyful tears of intense gratitude for my life.

And for beginning to feel what I’ve only read about, talked about in yoga classes: being a witness to my thoughts and feelings, not being them. Recalling Patanjali‘s Yoga Sutra and the niyama santosa — contentment through non-attachment — it’s about experiencing the pleasure and pain, but not getting attached to either, learning that it will all pass. No one, no material thing can make us feel happy, anger, or despair. It’s in us; true contentment.

Perhaps you might enjoy hearing the song that elicited my emotional release this morning. Bhagavan Das’ Raghupati:


Ok. So, there is a thread of connection here: The dragonfly+lotus flower+yoga is it!

A sneak peak; fuzzy computer picture.

Ultimately, this design speaks to lifeyum: the dragonfly symbolizing mindfulness, lightness, transformation + lotus flower (purity in nature, spiritual awakening) + yoga (union of mind, body, and spirit) = getting straight ourselves so we can make a positive difference in our families, communities, and world.

I like the simplicity, uniqueness, and applicability across the many potential mediums for lifeyum. When I think about helping people feel good and do good — whether through yoga, real food, meditation, or even someday a campaign to help get gardens in every school (just an example of a big dream) — the logo works.

I can’t say enough about the talent out there, especially the four finalists Noble1, penny_lane, BigLike!, and lifeyum’s logo designer: Milena in Brazil!

99designs allowed me to connect with designers all over the world, literally, providing little lifeyum with an incredibly solid, meaningful, stand-the-test-of-time identity. And it was affordable, which is nice when you’re small…or any size, really.

So, back to the message: After class, I checked my email and found an e-newsletter from Kris Carr, author of Crazy Sexy Diet and one of my favorites. She doesn’t know me. But I adore and respect her deeply. She’s as authentic as can be. She writes like I imagine she is as a person: healthy but FUN, light in her being, open about missing her cheese. Today’s message was apropos beyond words:

If you like, sign up for your own on crazysexylife.com:

Powerful Pixies,
Lately I’ve been pinching myself, totally tickled and here’s why: Life is good. I mean, really, really good. And it’s not because my health challenges magically went away (they didn’t) or because I won the lottery (I didn’t) or because my year-long home renovation is suddenly over (far from it). Life is good because my attitude is better than ever. I shifted, I dialed up the gratitude, and that simple act created a domino effect of goodness.To be honest, it’s kinda uncomfortable to put my joy jam out there. Like you, I’ve been domesticated to hide the shine. I imagine mean girls from high school making fun of me, breaking me. “Take it down a notch, sparkle toes,” but they would say something much worse, painful even.Because I like to challenge myself, I decided to let my smiley freak flag fly this morning, regardless of the discomfort I felt. I started by sending out this tweet: “I am totally in love with my life.” What a juicy affirmation! Well, guess what happened? The twitter-sphere flipped for it. I could feel the collective ahhh … “Wow! I want that! Yes, Yes! I am too! What an inspiration! Thank you! That made my day!” Even my dear mentor Cheryl Richardson chimed in, “So good to hear, Kris …”If saying it out loud could create such a difference, imagine what meaning it on the inside could do for you. Go ahead, try it. You have nothing to lose. No one is looking. Grab a mirror, and just say it: I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH MY LIFE. If that feels funny, do it anyway! Fake it ’til you make it, or just say “I want to be totally in love with my life, I’m open to being totally in love with my life.” Whatever it takes my friend, whatever it takes.Trust me, your life will appreciate your effort. It will even thank you.

Love is a choice. No darkness is great enough to extinguish it.

Peace + bye-bye mean girls,

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Featured image credit: Anahata chakra drawing from Remember, Be Here Now by Ram Dass (prettied up by Lisa’s iPhone lens and Instagram)