Sometimes all your plans go out the window and you just have to soak it in, love it, live it. I was lucky to grow up spending summers in this beautiful part of the country, and even then I think I understood how special it was.

With Daddyo hard at work and holding down the fort, the six-pack (thanks, Libbie, for the moniker!) and I get to visit with my parents and younger brother on the east end of Long Island. Here’s a peek at our good life so far.


Cross Sound Ferry from New London to Orient Point, skipped across Shelter Island

Watched fireworks Saturday night

Beach on Sunday: lots of shell-collecting, swimming, sand castles, and hermit crab “lazy river.”

My quick jaunt out to Main Street: Sylvester & Co. — full of smart, chic, useful and delicious things, including Dreamy coffee. This is one of the times I go back to my coffee habit. It’s just too good. No dairy. 🙂

Stopped in Provisions Natural Foods, the store in which I worked when I was 16 years old. I remember feeling so different, so insecure, self-centered and generally not happy with myself.

I recall the Buddhist teaching emblazoned on my tote bag from Elephant Journal:

If you want to be unhappy, think only of yourself.

How things have changed (in my mind, thankfully)!

Yet so much is still wonderfully the same.

Main Street. Salt air. Farm stands. Lots of open space. Scuttle Hole Road. The American Hotel.

My eternally giving mom and dad. The hammock on the porch. Sweet Hunny the dog. Mom’s incredible cooking. Dad’s endless fountain of knowledge. About everything.

Daniel jokes that he listens to NPR for three weeks before we visit my parents. It’s not really a joke.

Having no agenda other than spending time together, eating well, and having fun.

The only thing person missing is Daniel.

On deck for tonight: 90 minutes at Yoga Shanti with world-renowned Rodney Yee. I missed his class at Wanderlust and was tickled pink to find out that he and his wife have a beautiful studio right in Sag Harbor.