Elephant Journal is right: “For many folks who aren’t in the yoga club, the idea of going to a yoga festival is off-putting. The privilege and yuppiness reeks (though there’s a ton of great stuff at various festivals, for those of us who have the privilege to figure out how to attend).”

All I felt was love. Because I’m fortunate to have a partner whose support allows me to learn, experience, and feel this powerful stuff. Wanderlust Festival started on Thursday; I got there on Saturday for two intensely good days with beloved friends in a beautiful house.


Free honest compliments. (There was a booth for those!)

Really pleasant, present, compassionate people.

Healthful food. Gratitude. Grace. Motivation to do for others.

Exhale love. (My Yoga Online’s perfect t-shirt message)

Give love: MC YOGI‘s song became my new, simple mantra.

I just couldn’t stop smiling all weekend.

That’s what’s great about Wanderlust…it’s not all yoga, yoga, yoga. It connects yoga with politics, with social action, with (great) music. —Elephant Journal

So many overlapping options, so I missed Seane Corn’s many classes and presentations. I’m a big fan of her Off The Mat and Into The World and was delighted to find this recording of Seane’s talk at last year’s Wanderlust festival in Vermont.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9b9XzLIUUA”]

The great, great music is still with me. I listen—and often practice—to Rara Avis’ live 75 minute yoga performance every day. MC Yogi’s entire album (showing my age) CD is one that is fast becoming the soundtrack to loving my life and committing to doing good…right here with my family and out in the world. His music, and Pilgrimage in particular, is the music of rising up, one love, union.

Hmmm. Back to Rara Avis. Quite talented, he co-founded YogiTunes, a new source of music for me thanks to Wanderlust. Give it a try for yoga, massage, writing, meditation, chilling, or whatever you choose.

Which brings me to YogiTunes’ predecessor iTunes and a jamming mix of music from this year’s festival that you can download free of charge:

For a TASTE OF WANDERLUST, enjoy the complimentary musical and literary journey through the 2012 Wanderlust lineup. The free download from iTunes consists of 14 music tracks and one yoga book hand-selected to provide the best of the Wanderlust experience, from the uplifting positivity of Ziggy Marley and MC YOGI to the spiritual chants of Krishna Das, from the downtempo lounge of Thievery Corporation to the songcraft of Ani DiFranco. On the yoga side, A TASTE includes “A.M. Yoga,” an audiovisual book by Wanderlust teacher Rodney Yee. A TASTE is completely free to download, so get it for yourself and share it with your friends.

Download here: http://bit.ly/Okh6BY