There are friends who walk into your life and seamlessly blend into yours, except they enhance, understand, shed light and bring light into places where you were stuck. Enter: Jennifer Fontanels Woolford.

Jennifer is walking sunshine. She’s a dear old friend of my husband’s whom I’m proud to call my friend, too. Her strengths? Countless. Marketing, art, design, food, entertainment, project management — she’s incredibly sharp, visionary, creative, fun, and knows how to get things done. And she does a lot for her family, friends, and communities. So much good.

How do you quiet your mind, find contentment, your happy?  Thank you, Jennifer, for this wonderful idea. Simply reading these has been a reminder to me of the inner peace we can find in our mind, wherever we are.

But this sounds pretty dreamy; I’d like to meet you, JFW, at the end of one of your runs…with two chai lattes in hand. 🙂

My ritual is a morning run along lake Michigan, the earlier the better. No headphones or music, just listen to the sounds of nature and try to fall into that. Smile or say good morning to everyone I pass by (and hope they return a happy glance or hello).
I get into my breathing and it stills my mind while getting the blood circulating. At the halfway point I walk to a private beach, look at the sunrise on the lake and take in the magnificence of this world…rough or calm waters, the sea tells a story for sure.
When I am done…about four miles later, I feel energized to enjoy the day, awake and refreshed. Happy I did something for me, my health and my ability to BE with others more openly and happily.

The fall will be here soon, favorite running season…will seize every chance for a morning run.

Thanks for helping me remind myself how much I cherish this time.

—Jennifer Fontanals Woolford

Ahhh. I just love you.