My friend Gail Picillo is a beautiful writer, thinker, healer, yogini, and person.

Gail responded to Monday‘s query about quieting your mind, finding contentment, your happy with a new poem. Amazing.

I find my contentment by settling in under a shady tree by the pond in Congress Park, Saratoga Springs.  There I pull out my journal and simply observe.  I observe the on-goings around me:

A wedding here,
A family there,
Ducks protect their ducklings from overzealous dogs,
A frog’s croak cloaked safely hidden by the fog,
The excitement of laughter heard from a child’s soul,
The billowing clouds casting shadows on earth’s floor,
The young lovers gazing in each others’ eyes,
The singletons hoping to meet a girl or a guy.
The dragonflies dancing about often land on me,
The ants know how to work away patiently,
The squirrels gather only what is needed,
Oh the lessons nature gives if we only observe it.
My journal then opens and I go within
Finding the voice that connects my energy to the wind
Listen to the wisdom whispers that are hard to hear
I write, write, write – freeing myself from my fears.
I can breathe again as I lay down my pen.
Contentment is of the now – I just settle in.

—Gail Picillo

Find more of Gail’s work here; she also leaves many a comment that could be posts on their own. Her creativity runs deep…and light, too. Mental note to share her Ode to Cellulite with you.

This quote is calling me today for my buddy:

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.”
― L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz