There is something to it, this notion: Give love. Who doesn’t want to give love, make a difference in the world and make a difference right here where we are? Life is horrific sometimes, i.e. this day in 2001. But there is so much good out there, too, and much untapped.

I’m ready to take the leap. To make the changes that will set the wheels in motion to do big. And a lot of small. And, of course, you are a big part of this plan. So stick with me, friends.

In Danielle LaPorte‘s spiritual awakening manifesto, The Fire Starter Sessions, she writes about the leap…and owning it, your way.

The soul fire way.
Ablaze with passion.
Passion that can’t be faked.
Passion that the world cannot deny.

❊ ❊ ❊

Things may look a little different around here for the next few weeks as lifeyum transitions to the self-hosted

After what will hopefully be a brief period of clunkiness (we have to go basic before we can go beautiful), hoping you’ll like the new look, feel, and most important…the ease of finding a whole lot of yum in your life.