Page 61 of The Fire Starter SessionsDanielle LaPorte asks a question that seems simple at first:

How do

you want

to feel?

You decide.

It’s up to you. Truly.

Feeling good starts with a decision: I am not my thoughts.

Feeling good is relative, but it’s dictated by how mindful we are. By how we nourish our bodies. And by moving our bodies.

And when you feel good, so much good is possible.

Keep at it, friends. Even if you meet resistance.

In the case of my little buddies, two very different reactions to Mom’s green juice. But with a few tweaks, we’ll be in business with her brother. Soon.

No fretting, though, when it doesn’t work out or you have a not-so-healthy day. As Kris Carr pointed out at Occupy Wellness:

Ditch the


to do list

The stress of falling off causes inflammation in your body. Cut yourself some slack and get back in.

So much to share about Occupy Wellness and how we can – WILL – make a huge difference in our lives and in those around us. But I’m in preparation mode for the final weekend in my super-charged month of growth: RHH Live!

You might be thinking: Is Lisa’s husband an angel, or what? Of course he’s a rock star. He’s my best friend. He’s about as committed a father as they get. Daniel also knows that yoga, and by that I mean being yoga, is key to our happy home. And he’s owed a year of foot rubs.

So, what is RHH Live all about? Marie Forleo, hostess and founder, says it best:

LIVE™ is a convergence of the most creative, loving and brilliant people on the
planet. Our mission is to help you realize your greatest potential and use your
unique talents to change the world while creating a lifestyle you love.

And if that wasn’t fantastic enough, there is a do good side:

Change your life,

Change the world®

A portion of LIVE™ ticket sales are donated to the Urban Zen Foundation: an organization dedicated to change the global healthcare paradigm, empower children and help communities preserve their cultural and spiritual values. You’ll connect with of hundreds of female small business owners
who are reigniting the global economy with determination, heart and a driving passion to use their business as a force for good.

Speakers (motivators!) at the Urban Zen Center include founder and hostess, Marie Forleo, of course, and Josh Pais, Kris Carr, Danielle LaPorte, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Sally Hogshead, and Laura Belgray. I’m traveling light, which is hard for me to even write! A favorite pen, journal, open heart, and engaged mind is primary.

Until we chat again, know that I’m thinking of you and how we can do great things. And as my teacher Jennilee says, be in the pause.