Now, take a breath. Or a month’s worth.

A year ago, I ventured in to the wild, wild web. I can say this because when I went to college, it was with a cool old manual typewriter that my father gave me. The mac lab was a big, big deal. Cell phones were carried in mini-suitcases. You get the picture: Things internet, while familiar, don’t always come easily to me.

I stepped in delicately, spurred by a funeral for a friend. A friend who wrote, blogged, twittered, read, enjoyed friends, family, good food, drinks, dancing, and so on. He lived in the here and now, embracing all that is tangible and ethereal.

And the yoga teacher training motivated me to share, big time.

But it occurred to me recently:

How can you be in the business of promoting lifeyum when you aren’t sure if you’re really grooving it yourself?

It’s hogwash.

So I’ve decided to just stop. Take a sabbatical from teaching.

And write. Think. Meditate. Cook. Experiment. Dance.

Dance to loud pop music in my kitchen and embarrass the kids. {Except our sparky 3-year-old Blair, who is always game for a good time in the kitchen.}

Theme song:

Figure out how I will live, work, and be really content with my life. So I can help others.

Just being. A luxury, for sure. But everything has led me here. And despite the costs and the excuses I could easily come up with to not do this, I’m sure.

Stopping, restoring, letting things sink in, checking out what feels right and what doesn’t.

Changing some negative patterns, {the feeling of being a hamster in a habitrail},

and getting to the root of those patterns with all forces forward.

Allowing time to be, and rebuild

with ease, a little excitement, and love.

At the end of my last yoga class at The Yoga Spa, I read from Danielle LaPorte‘s incredibly moving and motivating The Fire Starter Sessions:

now works

You’re here for a reason.

And that reason is yours to define.

Make it something amazing and really full of love and things that feel hot.

Be unreasonable.

Be scared if you need to be.

Just keep moving.



Don’t take any shit, and for the love of God, please don’t settle.

Just keep choosing.

Make lots and lots and lots of choices.

You are writing the movie script of your life.

Desire. Lights. Action! (Some tears.)

You’re a hero on an adventure.

This is it. This is the adventure.

Creativity. Change. Livelihood. Art. People. Leadership. Legacy.

Score. Money. Gain. Failure. Pride. Industry. Simple. Love.


Oh, love.

It’s all about love in the end.

And in the beginning.

So start now, today, here.

Let it be simple, easy, electric.

Be surprised, be new, be true, be you.


Am I alone in feeling a bit like a hypocrite sometimes, always running in the race, never enough time in the day?

Looking forward to connecting with you, lifeyummers.


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