This is not your typical New Year’s Intention message.

First, a big, tight hug goes out to you, dear human. There is kind, positive, change-the-world energy in this maligned e-space…and I have been lifted up and motivated beyond words this year, whether you’ve commented or not. Thank you. xo

Perhaps you, too, have had enough pummeling about GOALS. PLANS. RESTART. SUCCESS!

Messages from emails, the media, even your own habitual New Year’s sense of judgement. And new calendars and planning tools all designed to make it easier. But it doesn’t get easier somehow. Add to it a little self-loathing for taking a tumble off the wagon of healthy eating over the holidays and/or travel (I’ve been with my amazing Mom). Or comparing, which is so easy to do.

Wherever you are on the spectrum, I’ll bet there are some feelings of judgement (shoulds), negativity, and self-doubt looming. And not enough clarity, optimism, compassion, and self-love (or even like).

Today I write about a holistic and heart-driven approach to life planning that I love. It’s easy, natural, and all about feeling good.

Forget the old ways of goal-setting. Set goals based on how you want to feel. Liberated energy is where I want to be. Following my heart, my soul, my inner light. I know that when we get clear on how we want to feel, decisions get a lot simpler. So does planning.

A fan of Danielle LaPorte’s already (remember The Fire Starter Sessions?), after hearing her speak in person this fall and buying my copy of The Desire Map — well, I know she’s a beautiful, everyday genius. I love her, and you will, too (if you don’t already).

I’ve always been a proponent of feeling good and doing good, but her approach gives me a filter for goal-setting, planning, and LIVING that is natural and happy.

So I started jotting down what makes me feel good and traced those things/experiences to feelings. Here are some of mine: Connected. Content. Motivated. Strong. Turned on, free, creative, inspiring, powerful and affluent for good, relaxed (not worried), and clear. Loved and in love.

Now I’m working on narrowing these down to my core desired feelings, using my very own multimedia Desire Map portal.

What do you desire in 2013? How do you want to feel? Love your comments always.

The Desire Map is a holistic approach to planning your life. It guides you to identify your core desired feelings, and to use those feelings as the drivers of what you want to do, have and experience in your life.

It turns goal-setting inside out.

The Desire Map is a multimedia program. It comes with a PRINTED book (it’s embossed, even!) a downloadable book, audio book, a series of audio contemplations; a private, online Desire Map space; an app, and 12 weeks of weekly inspiration to help people make desire-mapping a true practice.

Learn more or invest in this life-changer by clicking below:


“Collaborate with the cosmos instead of dictating to the world. You’re stronger when you stand in your own power and dance with what’s around you.”

— Danielle LaPorte


You could also start with the Eloise approach:

Being Lighter in 2012, by yours truly one year ago today.

Love, abundance, good health, happiness, and lightness to you, my e-wondrous friends.





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