I had an idea over the holidays. In the shower, when most of my ideas come, without pen and paper.

I was a bit spent, puffy-eyed, over-sugared, over-glutened, and under-slept. Still crying at the thought of the families in Newtown. But also harnessed with a sense of gratitude for being here, the people in my life, and hope for our future. There is palpable desire for change in the air, even if change is returning to a child-like view of the world.

The hope and comfort holding my heart comes from knowing I’m not alone in feeling this way. That I’m not alone in looking to the new year as a time to think big, act big, love big, and follow my heart to connect with and help others get physically, mentally, and soulfully healthy.

It can be a challenge when your surroundings are anything but supportive. Physiological addictions loom large: cheese, bread, sugar, cocktails! Family members scoff at your green juice and quinoa while they eat a steak. Or lasagna. Chips. Or coffee heath bar crunch ice cream. Been there.

Then, there are emotional reasons to fall deeper into dis-ease. Watch the news, read the paper, take a call from a friend that another has received a diagnosis, layoffs, get into an argument with your spouse/child/mom/best friend/co-worker. Open the fridge. Decide not to roll out the yoga mat/go for a run/head to the gym. Feel worse. Self-flagellate for being such a jerk. A lazy one at that.

Yikes! Let’s not go there.

The key is that we aren’t alone. We can do something about it. We can take control of our bodies, let go of bad habits, try new foods, re-acquaint ourselves with gentle, yin exercise, and give our digestive system a reboot and restore. And set an example of good health for our families and friends (maybe even encourage a few to give the plant-passionate diet a try!). All with the power and support of  one another — whether we are near or far — just knowing we are on the same, sometimes bumpy, good ride.

So, without further lay-up: inspiration #1 is a Group Feel Good Cleanse Experience on Lifeyum. With pre-cleanse advice, daily emails of support/encouragement/recipes/tunes, and a private, invite-only Facebook group for the mega-sharing and inspiration. Women only on this one.

Starting two weeks from today→ two weeks of love, peace, and restoration that we can do, together: Monday, January 21-Sunday, February 3. 

The cleanse of choice: Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman, leading integrative physician and expert in the field of functional medicine. My cleanse after getting to know Dr. Frank at Occupy Wellness, a weekend wellness retreat he hosted along with other wise ones: Kris Carr, Sharon Gannon, and Robert Thurman.

I learned as much from my new friends who attended the retreat as I did from the pioneering gurus of spiritual, body, and mind health of OW and Menla Mountain Retreat, but felt so in sync with Dr. Frank because his approach is logical: Remove the bad, restore balance in your digestive system, and allow the body to heal.

And when we get straight, everyone around us benefits.

“My method is simple but effective: I remove what may be harming the body or preventing healing while at the same time replenishing it with what is needed.” —Dr. Frank Lipman

Registration is closed, but send me a note below if you’d like to talk. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter (not too frequent) so you don’t miss a post.

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  • But, is it for me?  The cleanse is best to start if you are generally healthy but feel sluggish, have abdominal bloating, gas or constipation, are retaining fluid and feel puffy and have all sorts of aches and pains. {Lisa’s note: I’m pretty healthy. But I love the way this cleanse reset my tastes, especially cravings/addictions to sugar and stimulants like caffeine (afternoon chai). It also has a way of shifting your focus to bigger things and ideas…doing good. Once you get past the initial adjustment, you literally feel lighter on this earth.}
  • Always make sure that you have no serious underlying illness or disease that could be compromising your health.
  • What will I live on?  The eating plan is simple. It’s about nourishing yourself with fresh, wholesome foods while cutting out the common irritants including sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Three shakes and two light meals a day means you’re being nutritionally supported at all times. Unlike others, this cleanse is not about feeling hungry or deprived. —Be Well Cleanse product description


Cleanse Leaderboard v2 – Feel Better Than Ever in 2 Weeks

I’m with you! …cue the music







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