Wish I knew about this when I was forty pounds overweight and afraid to step foot in a yoga studio…just a few years ago.

In early 2013 I led my first group cleanse. I chose Dr. Frank Lipman’s Be Well Cleanse and will share a bit about why I think it’s so doable and remarkable.

This cleanse isn’t what you might think. It’s not faddish. It’s a two-week moving meditation. The cleanse resets your gut, gives your digestive system a break, and gives you just enough time to get free of food addictions (sugar! for me). The party in the kitchen came about with smoothie creations and lunch and dinner, clean-living style.

It’s a time to reconnect with myself, my purpose, my family, my friends, my kitchen, nature, my demons; a time to cry and let go of shame, guilt, and expectations; and a time to rethink how I want to feel (good) and live (happy and free).

It has also reignited my creative culinary fire and passion like CRAZY. So, I’ve decided to give you a look inside my detox life, which isn’t all that different from my normal life, food-wise. Except for the missing soy chai lattes and cookie butter on toast. But, oh, what I’ve gained in clarity, supple skin, contentment, and good feelings.

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Of course, there’s a whole lot more than toxic substance elimination when you cleanse…emotions, hang-ups, and guilt start to filter out and a natural hankering for self-care (dry-brushing, sleep, stopping with the whining and hanging out with toxic people; clarity about what you want, who you are, your purpose) starts to take its place. Phew!

Twenty dynamic and wonderfully diverse women participated in this group cleanse, affectionately dubbed Team Lifeyum, and each of us experienced varying levels of decreased weight, depression, and fatigue while enjoying increased energy, clarity, and contentment.

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Cheers to living clean, free and light,






Nightshades are not on the 14 day detox (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant), so the roasted red pepper hummus isn’t part of the plan; but regular hummus and green monster is–yum! I didn’t eat the pepper on the vegan nachos at Lil’ Buddha, either. 🙂

Interested in Dr. Lipman’s Be Well cleanse, shakes, or supplements? My link to Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman: HERE