Somewhere along the way, I got caught up in the race. Was it pushed on me? Heck, no. The easy road to overload was all on me.

Self-created pressure to deliver regular content and products (or to develop them), packaged in a formulaic website, emails, then video and an even better, more tweaked-out website with plans of a guidebook and retreat…I was fried on wellness and happiness sharing. And losing my lightness, again.

Before Mexico, I knew I needed to clear my head and get back to me. Up to my eyeballs in trainings/programs/subscriptions to other people’s stuff, I’d pretty well lost my focus and voice…and the fun of it all.

One of the recommendations from my joyologistΒ Allison BraunΒ and fellow seekers was that I take a pleasure prescription; continue this retreat from home for another two weeks: do a little content cleanse, hold off on big decisions like signing a Lifeyum retreat contract, and turn on the email autoresponder.

Instead, lighten up and do what comes naturally, hang with my husband and kids, play in the kitchen, practice yoga, dance, read, write, sleep well, sing badly, whatever…but do it for pleasure rather than feeling like I’ve got to follow a formula. Strip down to necessities, amp up the joy, and keep the groove rolling.

It makes a lot of sense. If it takes two weeks to break a sugar addiction and create healthy eating habits, then the same principles apply to creativity and soul-fire habits.

How does that feel? Good, really good.

I’ll be back around these parts, fully-engaged and fueled, after the first of March.

Love and so much lightness to you, my friends.