When I was 12, I remember so vividly cranking my Flashdance album on the player while cutting out the neck of my sweatshirt. The door was shut. Teenage fantasies of having a body like hers, being that free, leaping with both sets of toes pointing perfectly in opposite directions. Land. Head toss. Twirl fast in a ball. Oh, so cool.

This is the part where you’re either completely visualizing that scene and how you dug it, too…or you’re thinking: What is she talking about? Is this something my mother was into?

Happy summer, friends. Here’s my Theme Songs of Yum: an eclectic selection of tunes that move, lift, motivate, help me write or have a good cry, accompany a yoga class or two, make for a good dance party in the kitchen or belt it out in the car. I’m grateful to Danielle LaPorte for introducing me to 8tracks, cool internet radio where you can make and share your own playlists. With the dissolution of iTunes Ping, things were bleak on my end. But this may do the trick.

Theme Songs of Yum from lisa.c.obrien on 8tracks Radio.

The peak is Flashdance…What a Feeling, the song I used to dream of dancing to just like Jennifer Beals (or her double!) when I was an awkward, kinda depressed teen. “First, when there’s nothing but a slow, glowing dream…”
And now let’s leap…literally and figuratively.

Take your passion and make it happen.

Let me know what you think! And if you dig it, share with your friends and be sure to leave your theme song (or more) below.

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Take your passion and make it happen: a playlist of inspiration

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