Have you ever read something and thought the writer was speaking directly to you?
Paul Jarvis’ email hit me that way yesterday, and I thought to myself: It’s time.
Time to stop worrying about, feeling bad about, banging myself over the head about:
…writing shorter, punchier posts.
…how long it has been since my last writing.
…the fact that I haven’t written a book.
…that my belly is hanging over my yoga pants.
…that the dog hasn’t had a good, long walk in a while (it’s 18 degrees!)
…that our positive behavior incentive chart isn’t working seamlessly (really?!)
We love dwelling on our shortcomings because it’s easier and less vulnerable than sharing our work with the world. It’s safer to make something and simply say, “This isn’t good enough” and hide it away. But, that deprives the world of our point of view and something that could make a real difference for someone else.
Fall out of love with your inner critic immediately. Kill its voice before it kills you. —Paul Jarvis

It’s time to break that spell by sharing, before my thoughts are perfectly coifed and packaged, a song and two readings that nail what it means to me to be content. More than that, they make me cry with feeling understood and encouraged to keep on trucking. Which means you might dig them, too.

1. You Were Born to be Loved by Lucinda Williams:

You weren’t born to be abandoned

You weren’t born to be forsaken

You were born to be loved

You weren’t born to be mistreated

And you weren’t born to misguided

You were born to be loved

You weren’t born to be a slave

You weren’t born to be disgraced

You were born to be loved

You weren’t born to be abused

You weren’t born to lose

You were born to be loved

You weren’t born to suffer

And you weren’t born for nothing

You were born to be loved

Hmm hmm, you were born to be loved

And an important message to share. Often.

2. One of my favorite authors Danielle LaPorte writes in The Desire Map (pgs. 126-127):

You are important.

You are incredible.

You are loved.

Your presence is needed here.

You are worthy of your desires.

A declaration of deserving:

You are worthy of your desires. Really wanting what you want gives you the power to get it. You were born free. (The more you try to earn your freedom, the more trapped you become.) You are worthy of love and respect. Loveable.

You deserve:

  • eye contact
  • smiles in the morning
  • food made with pure intention
  • clean drinking water, fresh air
  • Hello, Please, Thank you
  • time to think about it
  • a chance to show them what you’re made of
  • a second chance
  • an education
  • health care, including dental
  • multiple orgasms
  • weekends off
  • eight hours of sleep
  • play before work
  • to change your mind
  • to say no
  • to say yes
  • to have your deepest needs met
  • to be seen
  • to be loved for what is seen in you

You deserve this—and more, just because you showed up to life.

Focus on creating your core desired feelings, and as you begin to generate better feelings and experiences, you will feel increasingly worth of the richness of life.

Ab-so-lute-ly, Danielle.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that I’m joining the World’s largest book club as a leader, with a kick-off in Albany on January 7, 2014.

Because there is so much good in this book, in us, and when we get together — we are not alone. It’s that simple. 


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3. And the writer whose emails I always read, because they are always good and often make me laugh. Out loud. (I just can’t use the acronym…it’s not me!) Paul Jarvis is simply brilliant, but totally real and accessible and straight with his advice. This week’s newsletter, always gorgeously easy on the eyes, delivers a vital reminder on the inner critic.

A (fall out of) love note.

Listen to constructive feedback but ignore your inner critic. Fall of out of love with it immediately, because it doesn’t serve you. The world needs you to create, not to constantly edit what you make and dwell on your perceived shortcomings.
We need you. Not the you that you’re supposed to be, not the you that you think we want you to be, but the real you. The you that scares us a little because it’s so honest (and even a little weird).  —Paul Jarvis

For the rest of his piece, an excerpt from his new book Everything I Know, click his name above or HERE.

Always love hearing from you, whether in the comments below, on Twitter, Facebook, or in person (those are the best, especially when we get to say “Cheers” and clink a glass or mug. 🙂

Even if you don’t write, know that I’m sending love and thanks to you, dear reader, wherever you are.