Start with good. Simple morning turnaround advice from a little friend.

1. Drink water first. (Note from Lisa: Add fresh lemon juice to continue your overnight detox…or not. Have the coffee if it feels right.)

2. Think about rainbows, and how cool it would be to get a cast and have all your friends sign it, shifting your attention from the not-so-fun things in your life (like the fact that you might have broken your arm during the sock dance in the kitchen last night*).

3. Try to avoid the television, newspaper, and all that stuff (I know, easy when you’re five years old). Instead, think about summer, sunsets, making art, and your dog seeing his mom…just think about things that are good.

A little Taoism, unknowingly, from our sweet kindergartener.

Kids and animals. Trees, rivers, the ocean. Teachers abound.

What’s your morning routine?

* She did get the cast, a bright pink one, and it’s full of loving autographs already.