Do one thing.

Hard to do, but that’s the key.

One thing. (At a time.)

I’m still on a high. Revved with the juice of being in the presence of thousands of souls, just like me, who want to feel good and do good in the world. Chef Ann Cooper rounded out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition‘s Live event last weekend with a rousing talk and the perfect message: Do One Thing. {Check out her Food Family Farming FoundationThe LunchBox, and Let’s Move SaladBars2Schools}

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is the world’s largest nutrition school. But really, it’s a freaking love fest.

I took a book of notes. Laughed and cried. Hugged and massaged shoulders. Danced. Meditated. Listened. Soaked it in. Dined by myself, with pleasure (at Candle Cafe…a favorite) and with new friends. It was indescribably good.

I’ve got so many ideas bursting to come out, and they all got fueled:


And that’s just page one. So what this weekend reminded me was that all that awesomeness will perpetually be in limbo unless I:

Do one thing.

Sleep. Right now, that’s the a priori issue.

I’m deprived, and it’s no wonder all my glorious ideas are still just that…ideas in the hopper. It affects my mood, memory, brain function, weight gain…yada yada yada. I know all this. I preach it. But habits are hard to change. And the change begins with me — cue the music! All that wonderful guidance I’ve shared? Time to treat myself like a client.

Hand on heart. This is important. I’m important. Just 30 minutes earlier a night. Move the iPhone back out of the room. {Thanks, Arianna!}

And another thing? Doing one thing at a time, not spreading yourself — and hopes and dreams — thin: Attention. Intention.


Anyone with me? Focus is a beautiful and empowering thing. Tell me about it.

What’s your one thing right now?

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P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and whether it might be right for you, click here or send me a note here to set up a time to talk.