The other day I went for a walk.

A real walk. The kind that my friend and life-altering teacher Jennilee introduced me to: one foot in front of the other; breath in, breath out; other thoughts? Oh, well. Back to the walk.

Why does this matter? Because it’s everything. The ability to just move, to get out of your head, to stop thinking of what-if’s…this is important stuff.

This is what yoga is about.

What Jennilee opened up for me is that yoga is for everyone (really), it’s about feeling good (not hurting yourself), and getting out of competition with everyone, including yourself.

I have the pleasure of sharing Jennilee with you on LifeyumTV today. 

  1. First, a five-minute chat with Jennilee that gives you a sense of why she wrote the book and who it’s for (everyone except the avowed non-movers).
  2. Second, a nine-minute quickie with tips on simple moves you can do from your desk (that will make a huge difference in how you feel). Jennilee wrote and Suzanne June Martin illustrated the must-have yoga anatomy/injury prevention book called The Perfect Chaturanga.Their Kickstarter project ends on August 23 and while they’ve surpassed their $20,000 goal to fund the printing of 2,000 copies (awesome!), your support can fund the printing of even more copies of the book. Check it out and consider backing with any amount so more people can experience yoga that feels good. Because we know what happens next… Feel good, do good: It goes both ways. ♥

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    With Jennilee you get it all: challenge, strength-building, learning and fun. There’s laughing and release (maybe some good tears and revelation) and even nothingness. Music and quiet.

    If you’re a practitioner, then you also know: Yoga is the best (non) drug ever. Go into it cranked out and come out in such a different place. In a traffic jam or occasional argument with your beloved — you’ll breathe more often than you react. For real.

    If you’ve got a question, comment, or want to request a workshop in your city or town, leave a note below. 

    And Namaste.

The Perfect Chaturanga