Desire. Freedom. Spirit. Lightness.

I like words and the alchemy that comes from merging the soul with what those words mean. Sometimes it happens in a conversation with one of our children, or even through an angry moment. Sometimes it’s hearing a song, practicing yoga, eating/drinking too much and having the light come on inside that says: Why are you doing this? What are you really going for here?

I recently stumbled across Sheila Kelly‘s S Factor video, The Sexiest Wall Dance Ever, and it reminded me of how important this sense of freedom is. The feeling that you can be, move, exist as you are in your soul — and know the way to get there.

After a recent unhealthy¬†weight gain it dawned on me that it’s how we get back to our center, how easily we can rebound when we stray, that matters.

Because as soon as I stop fretting so much about the number on the scale and the tightness in my clothes and how I don’t want to put myself out there because I’m not digging how I look right now… and simply start doing things that feel good or lead me to feeling lighter in spirit, strong Lisa returns. Muscle and mental memory kicks in.

And a sense of knowing that it was all exactly as it was supposed to be.

Why? Because I needed to feel how hard it is to breathe in a forward fold with a lot of extra in my gut. How insurmountable it feels to turn the addictive behavior around food, electronics, staying up too late, and thinking so much.

Instead, words and actions:


Sensual dance.


Be still.


Be a benevolent force.

Be in integrity.






Read some erotica.*

Write for fun.

Have an impromptu makeout session (related to that book!)

Here’s the video that sparked exactly how I wanted to feel:

*P.S. Another delicious wake-up? Reading Alexandra Franzen‘s Milk & Honey: A Love Story. Learn more and get it here. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read. Truly.