Guiding classes like the one listed below are among my favorites. Alas, a big bunch of snow and unsafe driving conditions prompted a cancellation today. No class.


deferral on Yoga for Saint Gregory's School (1)

We’ll be rescheduling for March or April and will post. If you’d like to be notified personally (by email or phone), let me know HERE.

Feel free to make a donation toward Saint Gregory’s School‘s Eighth Grade HERE or in person when the class is rescheduled. Please allow at least 15 minutes to check-in and get comfy. 🙂

Gratitude to generous The Hot Yoga Spot, a true feel good, do good kind of place.

Learn more about Lifeyum Yoga HERE and/or send me a note HERE.


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P.S. A note on why we’re raising money to support our Eighth Grade boys from Dr. Al Andrade, History teacher and parent:

At Saint Gregory’s School there is a belief that young men need defining moments—transitional experiences that recognize separation from prior identity and environment, involve necessary ambiguity and growth, and reincorporate young men back into the community with newly achieved status.

The faculty and staff create and craft defining moments that nudge our eighth grade boys toward the core values and ideals we believe will serve them well, no matter what path they choose. Saint Gregory’s annual end-of-the-year field experience is an enriching and transformative conclusion to middle school, and just one of the pivotal moments for our boys as they prepare to separate and transition from life at Saint Gregory’s School for Boys.

Planning the end-of-year field experience requires the concerted effort and support of families, friends, and associates from within and beyond the immediate Saint Gregory’s School community. I hope you will consider supporting one of our fundraising events this year.