I’m back.

Writing can be hard; creating anything, really. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in regular correspondence with you. Lots of reasons, including wanting every missive to be fantastic…an experience worthy of your attention.

Wanting to use the perfect words and fear that they aren’t good enough can bring me to a halting stop. When steeped in not-enoughness, I can’t write a word without editing, re-editing…and often, deciding not to share.

It’s a vicious cycle that keeps me from the very thing that gets me out of a slump: Naming (voicing) the doubts and connecting with the reason and those I write for…You.

You’re here to read real stuff, honest words. Heartfelt over perfection.

When you believe in yourself, writing gets easier. Everything gets easier. Because you’re not judging every word, assessing its aptness.

How you do anything is how you do everything. It bears repeating.

How you do anything is how you do everything.*

So it goes for speaking, teaching, managing, dancing, creating. You have to get out of your head and feel into it, whatever you’re creating. This is why I love yoga and my weekly pole-dancing class so much: I think less, and feel more. It’s like play, with no sense of time constraints or pressure.

Here’s what being stuck has taught me:

Find your way to let it flow like play. Suspend any disbelief and trust that you’re enough. Find a way that works for you to let it out first, and edit later.

Even if you keep your writing private, you’re going to feel better after the words are out. I love my notebooks and pen, but there is something magical about closing your eyes as your write…or type in this instance (a brilliant tip from one of my favorite writing coaches). Your thoughts get down on virtual paper before self-editing kicks in. 750 words is very helpful. Or a virtual workshop like this one. OmmWriter is great, too.

Make a commitment. Give your word. Tell someone (or a lot of people) that you’re back in. This work matters to you, and it will help others. Even writing your pain can alleviate someone else’s. It’s in this sharing that the world gets smaller, nicer — understanding increases. I can’t tell you how much it softened hardened parts of my heart to open up about a harrowing time in my life.

Start with small and maybe even fun. Write a few sentences. Let it be easy like an Instagram post or whatever feels good and effortless to you. Which brings me to a tiny book I created this summer, bit by bit, during an Instagram Challenge with deep and beautiful Catherine Just. I chose the word love and took a picture (almost) every day of something that embodied love.

Blair in the tree house

May 14, 11:51 am. Skipping school with Blair today (she’s recuperating from cold). On this day, the wonderland in our backyard appeared. The makeshift treehouse. Honeysuckle bushes. A ride on the swing with no one yelling “My turn!” Lounging. Walking Bodhi. Talkin’ about life. A Love day.

The takeaway:


Which is why I’m recommitting to connect with you most every week, sharing mind and body shifts to help you create sustainable health and happiness.

So you can relax into your greatness.

Vibrant. Powerful. Luxurious. Turning yourself on, right where you are.

I’d love to hear your tips for moving past blocks, and/or what you’re recommitting to. Leave a comment below or send me a note.



P.S. Could your organization use a little sustainable happiness? I’ve started offering corporate workshops. Drop me a note and let’s see if this might work for your group.

I’m also teaching slow flow yoga at The Hot Yoga Spot‘s new studio in East Greenbush, NY. Click here to come practice with me!

* attributed to many wise ones, including Cameron Shayne and T. Harv Eker, but I suspect its roots are in Buddhism.