It’s true. Exercise is better for you when there’s intention behind it.

Everything is better when you’re present, but it’s not easy to put that into practice. What’s easy is where our habitual patterns take us: to the left brain. Worry, what-ifing, or thinking negatively about yourself takes good movement (or stillness when in meditation) and sends a jumble signal to your brain, body, and heart.

Doing for others gives you “helper’s high,” a scientifically proven fact where the parts of your brain associated with pleasure and social connection are stimulated, endorphins released. It feels good. Giving also stimulates the relaxation response, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the root of most of our ailments — whether on the surface (acne), in our bones (joint pain), in our guts (digestive distress), or in our moods (anxiety, depression).

So if you’re in New York’s capital region this Saturday, February 27, join me and my colleague Sheryl Campbell for an Africa Yoga Project benefit class that’ll leave you feeling a little wiser, stronger, and more relaxed into the goodness of your heart. Sign up here.

“One love, one heart . . .Let’s get together and feel all right” ― Bob Marley

If you can’t join us but want to support Africa Yoga Project, thank you! Here are a few ways:

1. Learn more and give any amount here
2. Get your awesome AYP t-shirt or tank to benefit AYP here
3. Share your idea for a fundraising or awareness-building event here

Sending you a tight hug of gratitude just for reading this.



P.S. Here’s the link again: Register to save your spot! Practice Change: Africa Yoga Project benefit Saturday, 2/27, 1-3 pm at The Hot Yoga Spot Clifton Park. Your $25 fee is graciously being donated entirely to AYP.

AYP benefit workshop 2.27.16