Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” We’re happier and healthier when we think of others.

Which is why I’m over the moon to be a new Africa Yoga Project Ambassador!

Africa Yoga Project (AYP) empowers young people in Kenya’s urban slums through yoga, innovating a replicable model that creates jobs, improves health, and develops leaders. As an Ambassador, I’m committed to raising $10,000 to directly support the work being done in Kenya through AYP.

Educate. Empower. Elevate.
A snapshot of Africa Yoga Project in action
• 6,000 Kenyans empowered each week
• 100+ yoga teachers trained and employed
• 300 yoga classes offered each week at the Shine Center and in prisons, schools, special need centers, HIV/AIDS support groups, deaf schools and rural villages

Be a part of the movement and donate to my Africa Yoga Project campaign
Every contribution helps! Some examples:
• $10 provides clean drinking water for 5 of our free outreach classes.
• $30 sponsors one sign language interpreter to empower 20 deaf children through yoga.
• $50 buys 20 yoga mats for one of our free outreach classes.
• $75 provides one yoga class and one free lunch for 30 female prisoners.
• $125 funds a month salary of one Africa Yoga Project teacher to empower others through yoga
• $1000 sponsors 4 Kenyan youth in a comprehensive and transformational week-long yoga teacher training

Africa Yoga Project, Robin O'Neill Photography

Another way you can help is by spreading the word and wearing your support.

I’m excited to share the t-shirts I designed to benefit AYP through teespring. There are six styles to choose from, including v necks, crew, long-sleeve, and tanks. Would you help me reach my goal of selling 207 shirts?

lifeyumafrica shirt blog

Check them out and order yours. I’d love to see you in it! Post a picture on social media with the hashtags #lifeyum and #africayogaproject so we can thank you! (If social media isn’t your thing, send it to me at lisa (at) lifeyum (dot) com.

Helper’s high is a thing, and neuroscientists have discovered that helping others activates the same pleasure receptors in the brain as food and sex. Nice, huh?

“In one study pleasure centers [in the brain] lit up when participants simply thought about giving money to charity.” —Dr. Andrew Weil in his book, Spontaneous Happiness.

My dear readers, big love and appreciation for reading this message and for your consideration.