I remember as a child complaining to my mother about being bored.

Often the response was a directive to do a chore, read a book, or get outside. But on occasion she’d reply with more of a challenge.

“Well, then. Why don’t you make your own fun?”

A bit of context: This was before cable television, i-anything, or cordless phones. When making a mix tape was a time-consuming labor of love and art. Answering machines were high tech. We passed notes in between classes. I wanted Farrah Fawcett hair soooo badly.

But my mom’s philosophy stuck with me. It annoyed me then, but all these years later I can still hear her voice, as clear as a bell, reminding me to find the humor and make it fun. I’ve said it myself to our children…along with “because I said so” and a few other classics mixed in here and there.

Are there times when I quip, raise my voice or snap too quickly? Absolutely. Probably more than I like to admit!

But most days I aim to lighten the mood, help my kids laugh, and live with an open heart and strong back. To know grace.

I want them to readily find the upside, and delight in the day-to-day. To do good work and take pride in their endeavors, but to never take themselves or life too seriously. 

This outlook and attitude isn’t reserved for the young. We can embrace it all ages and stages of life.  

It’s in that spirit that I’m focusing the next season of this year. Spring is about renewal and rebirth. Not just for plants, but for us humans too.

I’ll be having some fun this weekend with my dear friend Amy. She’s a wonderful soul whose laughter and spirit are contagious. We’ll be rocking it out at The Hot Yoga Spot in Latham from 2-4 pm this Sunday. All proceeds benefit the Africa Yoga Project, helping young people in some of the most marginalized parts of Africa to become yoga teachers and professionals, making yoga accessible to more than 6,000 people in low- 
and middle-income communities each week.

Will I see you there? I hope so, but if not, my wish is that you do at least one thing to make your own fun. Share with me if you dare.  🙂

Lots of love to you and yours,


Africa Yoga Project benefit class 4-10