How would it feel to spend a weekend at a beautiful mountainside resort with a small group of soulful women discovering how to feel good and do good in 2017?

At the Aligned and Alive Lifeyum Retreat, step away from the hectic pace of your life and get in touch with your core desires. Align your mind and body through yoga and energy and vibrational sound healing. Honor your body with nutritious, organic, and delicious foods and nourish your soul with grace and sisterhood.

So yummy, you won’t want to leave.

The relationships and mutual support will sustain and encourage you throughout 2017 and beyond. By aligning our group energy and intentions to stay focused on feeling good + doing good, we’ll create a ripple effect in our homes, businesses and communities.

Can you think of a better gift to put on your holiday list?

Inward reflection. Movement. Laughter. Nourishment. Sisterhood. The opportunity to start the new year feeling Aligned and Alive.

That’s a gift that lasts more than a season. Learning to live with intention and lead with your heart is a gift that lasts a lifetime and a lesson you can pass down to others.

So, call your best friend and ask her to join you. Or attend on your own and discover your new best friend. When women come together to nurture the power of love, great things happen.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this retreat will take us.

Ready to join me?