work with me

I’m here to work with people and organizations ready to move mountains. With those interested in fueling the soul of their community, making the world a more beautiful and better place. I love creative collaboration. I love growth. I love to breathe. I love a challenge.

I work best creating conversations, making connections, finding common ground and introducing people to ways to feel better, to do more of what they love.

We’ll tailor your sessions to match your culture and meet the needs of your executive team or colleagues.  We’ll do some problem solving in the guise of yoga and movement with the essence of the Rolling Stones mixed in.

From the White House to the yoga studio, I bring a breadth of knowledge and highly refined emotional intelligence to get results for you and your team. 

Get in touch with me to make a plan for taking you, your team, or your company to the next level.

Oh, the wonderful places we’ll go!

Lisa O’Brien is the most gracious and knowledgeable facilitator…perfection! Her leadership is art form. I have never experienced a facilitator who genuinely and authentically dedicated themselves to the message so profoundly but not having it be about her. She was humble and gracious beyond words. Truly magical! I belong to an international Women’s Presidents Organization and attend many worldwide seminars;  Lisa’s weekend was the best and most powerful to date for me. It truly inspired my inner most feelings and desires instead of more of the same goal setting, strategic planning that we all seem to place so much focus and importance on. Marri Aviza

Founding Partner, Hair Designer and Educator, Rumors Salon and Spa

“Lisa is a deep soul diver, a relentless adventurer, a down-to-earth diva with an eye for style and a heart of gold.” 

Andrea Mee Maurer

Dot Connector, Author

After Lisa’s Lifeyum Sessions, I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I don’t look back, don’t look ahead, I’m just right here at this moment. The breathing exercise helps greatly when I feel myself getting stressed. Sheryl C.

Administrator and single mom on the way to YUMness

Everyone deserves a Day of Yum (or two)! Besides the new connections, wisdom & clarity, I feel wonderful, recharged and inspired after a day with Lisa. I have more of a spring in my step. She is a breath of fresh air, an inspiring and warm hearted person with a lot of love and wisdom to share. Christi T.


Lisa taught me so many ways to instill a sense of calm and balance in my life. I especially loved the breathing exercises, desk yoga moves, book recommendations, and journal! Lisa is a very caring, loving, intelligent woman, teacher and friend. Tracey W.